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Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Choosing your cancer treatment is an important decision. When considering chemotherapy, radiation or an alternative approach to your treatment, know your options.


Allergies 130x93The Kotsanis Institute specialized in Low Dose Antigen Therapy for allergies (such as pollen, mold, chemicals, insect bites, etc) and food intolerances.

Weight Management

Weight Management 130x93Losing weight is not just about reducing calories. Losing weight is about making a lifestyle change and we are experts at helping you do it. Being healthy is the ultimate goal but looking better is a bonus.

Symphony of Health

Good Nutrition

We are what we think, say, do, eat, drink and breathe.   The body is the ultimate biosphere and ideally, all of the body’s systems can work in harmony to achieve vibrant health.

Digestive Disorders

mid age woman having stomach painDr. Kotsanis views the whole body as one collaborative system and looks for the root causes of disease. The digestive system plays a prominent role in the whole function of your body and immune system.

Nutritional Assessment

Nutritional Assessment 130x93Subtle diet changes can make a profound impact on the way you feel. Nutritional Assessments are encouraged on a regular basis to insure that your body is getting the necessary fuel needed.


Children and Autism
To improve behavior and learning in an autistic child, treatment must be approached from different angles. A personalized program is designed from metabolic testing.

Chronic Fatigue

Cronic Fatigue 130x93Dr Kotsanis takes it seriously when someone tells him that they are tired all the time. As a medical doctor, he understands the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and the frustration that patients feel with this condition.


exterminatorOur bodies have been exposed to many toxins such as food additives, processed foods, pesticides, chemicals, medications, pollution and a variety of other substances. With detoxification, our bodies can reset for optimal health.

Hormone Imbalances

Healthy Women

Hormone imbalances are very common. Hormones are effected by environmental pollutants, toxins and medications.

Chronic Conditions

Neck PainChronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Infections are lifestyle illnesses brought on by the post industrial revolution change in dietary habits, chemical exposures and stress levels to name a few.

Learning Disorders

2012/03/30 MoniqueThe Kotsanis Institute addresses multiple factors known to impact ADD, ADHD and other learning disorders. We have seen significant learning improvements by correcting digestive function, diet, detoxification of metals and toxins, and boosting the immune system.

Experience Whole Being Healing at Kotsanis Institute

Experience Whole Being Healing at Kotsanis Institute

Kotsanis Institute Helps Families Stay Healthy

Kotsanis Institute Helps Families Stay Healthy

Cancer? It's Complicated! Fight With Your All!

Cancer? It's Comprehensive - Treat & Support Your Immune System


Suffering From Allergies? Low Dose Antigen Therapy May Help

Autism Treatment

Autism? ADD? ADHD? Learning & Behavior Can Be Improved


Modern Health: Traditional Medicine, Functional Medicine & Nutrition


Subtle Changes To Your Diet Can Make A Profound Impact On Your Health

Feeling Stressed, Irritable, and Tired?

A Hormone Imbalance Could Be Causing You to Feel Tired & Irritable

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Purchase Your Copy on Today!

Please know how much I appreciate all that you do for these children. Thank you for the care taken and all help given to my family from testing to diagnosis.

Family - Two boys on Autism Spectrum
Mansfield, TX

Dr. Kotsanis’ practice integrates elements of both mainstream and complementary medicine. This practice know as integrative medicine embraces principals and treatment methods which may or may not be accepted or embraced by conventional medicine providers, individual physicians or other health care institutions.