Nature’s Rules Are Simple

Nature’s Rules Are Simple

The following is adapted from Harmonized Food Solution by Benjamin Gaylord Houser, 1930. * Revised by Deborah Roszek, BS, CCN, 2007.

1   Breakfast: Eat within an hour of rising. Cortisol levels will stay lower throughout the day.

Lowers hypoglycemia
Lowers insulin resistance
Lowers carb-cravings
Lowers sarcopenia (wasting)

2   Eat 70-75% of total calories within the first 8 hours of your day.

Eat like a king for breakfast
Like aqueen for lunch
Like a pauper at dinner, i.e. 40%, 35%, 25% total calories/meal.

3    Eat only what nature has made.

The following foods have been grouped according to their activities within the body. These are considered the best sources for each group. Remember: Keep it simple!


The Best Foundation Foods

NUTS*: raw almonds, pecans, walnuts *buy from nut company, not grocery store (increased turnover, decreased rancidity) *can be sprouted to increase protein

LEGUMES: adzuki, lentil, black soy, black bean, kidney, dried pea, navy bean (sprouted are best) Note: adzuki, lentil & sprouted black soy are highest in protein Note: soy: eat only fermented soy products (tofu, tempeh, miso)

EGGS: Only free-range, nested. These are low in cholesterol and high in Vitamin A and lecithin

FISH: Eat only fresh, grown in the wild , un-breaded. (Now, most frozen fish is from China.) Stay away: tuna, swordfish, Atlantic or farm raised salmon

AVOCADO: It’s a complete protein. California grown have more protein than Florida grown

MUSHROOMS: All types including dry

BEEF & LAMB: Grass fed, without antibiotics or hormones. Note: AVOID meats from grain-fed animals; these have a different amino acid mixture.

DAIRY: Only organic plain yogurt. Lactose (milk-sugar has been digested by Probiotics; however, casein-sensitive individuals are advised to avoid all milk products.) Organic butter or organic ghee butter is also acceptable.

GROUP 1 – General Rules

Eat GROUP 1 at least once a day.
Cancer patients or patients with Sarcopenia: eat from this group up to six times a day.
Must always eat group 1 with foods from group 2a to balance out acidity.

Too much protein causes constipation, acidity, and putrification of the GI Tract, thus it is important to balance with Group 2a.


The Best Energizers & Rebuilders

(Group 2a – eat only complex carbohydrates)

PURPLE IS THE NEW GREEN – Dark fruits and vegetables have antifungal properties, especially if they are tart.  Purple, tart or bitter is the best natural antifungal.

FRUITS: Eat only fresh or frozen. No bottled or canned fruit. Eat organic whenever possible

citrus: lemons, limes, grapefruit, orange
berries: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry
others: apples, pears, pineapple & mango, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, nectarines
melons: cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, tomatoes

Note  Eat melons alone because they increase sugar release and water

Note   For quick detox go on a watermelon fast for 12 hours. (More than 12 hours will make you sick.)

Note   Those with ragweed allergy avoid melons and bananas.

VEGETABLES: Eat unlimited amounts

roots:  carrots, beets
stems:  celery, asparagus, onions
flower/fruit:  bell pepper, cucumber, (unpeeled & organic) *cauliflower, broccoli, string beans, artichokes, yellow squash, zucchini, peas
leaves:   spinach (raw), all lettuces, Swiss chard, dandelions, parsley, cilantro (raw)

Foods from GROUP 2a can be eaten alone, especially when not very hungry.


The Best Natural Sweeteners

Honey: local raw& unfiltered, has enzymes that help digestion of starches & Protein.
Maple syrup: grade B (don’t use in cancer)
Molasses: unfiltered (don’t use in cancer)
Dates: dried or fresh (have high fiber and minerals)
Figs: fresh or dried and unsulfured (high fiber and minerals)
Raisins: (not for cancer)
Prunes: (not for cancer)
Brown Rice: syrup (low in sugar & high in minerals)
Agave nectar: (from cactus, low sugar & high in minerals)NOTE: Never use artificial sweeteners, they are the most acidic residue foods!

Note Use Stevia as the only diet sweetener.


The Best Process Perpetuators

(Group 2b – compared to GROUP 2a, they release sugar more rapidly)

Baked potatoes
Whole grain bread
Brown rice
Sweet potatoes
Buckwheat (kasha)
Bulgar (cracked wheat)
Oatmeal – oats or steel cut
Barley (unpeeled)
Corn (fresh, only on the cob)
Banana (ripe)
Squashes: hubbard, acorn, spaghetti, butternut, pumpkin (fresh, only)

Group 2b General Rules

Eat limited amounts, best combined with group 2a and small quantities from group IV.
Eat no more than one cup at a time
Cancer patients – eat ½ cup at a time


The Best Lubricators

Fats & Oils are necessary in the diet because they are the most important component in the cell wall.
They help to hold the proper charge in the phospholipid bi-layer.
Artificial fats cannot hold a proper charge.This is a problem because the cell must let the right nutrients into the cell and allow the waste products to leave the cell.
A faulty cell wall causes leaky cells and thus promotes disease.
Total blood cholesterol must be at least 160.Lower cholesterol can be dangerous because it adversely affects production of some important hormones.
Cholesterol is the first step in the production of sex hormones.


grapeseed: takes high heat but has higher omega-6 than olive oil. Use it for stir-fry.
olive oil: use extra virgin first cold press, it’s less acidic. Best eaten raw.
coconut (mostly for baking); use it as energy not fat
flaxseed: lowers inflammation; the only balanced 3:6:9


butter: organic only, not for cooking
ghee: is clarified butter. Can be made by heating butter and removing the solids.


  • Eat the largest amount of food from 2a GROUP.

  • Eat equal portions from 1 & 2b GROUP.

  • Eat sparingly of GROUP 3.

  • Eat balanced amounts of GROUP 4.

  • It may be necessary to puree all foods; use a blender and water.

  • Drink ionized water and use ionized water for cooking and making drinks.

Looking Back

Although the 20th century will be known as the century of great technological advancement, it will also be known as the century of “civilization disease.” The onset of this disease, arriving with the advent of the industrial revolution, coincides with an end to many deadly diseases, an improvement in quality of life and an extended life expectancy to almost triple the norm. All this in less than 150 years! Unfortunately, this progress came about at such a rapid pace that medical science has not yet found solutions to some of the diseases brought about by undesirable environmental changes. As humans and masters of our planet we have the obligation to make sure that changes to the ecological system benefit us without disturbing the ecological masterpiece of Mother Nature and the Great Master. It’s time for humans to start respecting and protecting all forms of life, i.e., plants, animals and natural resources of this planet! To reverse the “civilization disease” that we have created, we must take well thought-out steps. We are what we think, say, do, eat, drink and breathe. The ultimate biosphere is the human body. Ideally, all its systems (especially the work horses of health, i.e., hormones in the endocrine system, antibodies and cytokines of the immune or defense system and enzymes in the metabolic/digestive system) are in dynamic balance with each other. All of us want to stay young and vibrant which is a wonderful goal! One hundred per cent of us can benefit from an organized approach to health. However, wishing will not make it happen. To make any program more efficient, we must make changes to improve nutrition, lifestyle and the immediate environment within a reasonable length of time. Our program has a proven track record and has been improved and refined over the last 25 years. It takes a minimum of three months before one can see substantial health gains. However, voluntary and persistent participation is a must for vibrant health to become a reality; anything less will not accomplish your desired goals.