The Symphony Of Health


The Primary Components of Our Symphony of Health



The cornerstone of any health program is adequate and proper nutrition.
Supplementation is a must for persons seeking optimal health. Chronically ill patients need radical changes in their diet.

Today’s processed devitalized foods – which come in a box, a can, a drive-thru or have been micro-waved – are producing an acidic environment in the body creating, contributing to and perpetuating inflammatory processes. By following a few specific guidelines and rules, this process can be reversed, which will then detox and rebuild organs and tissues. Changes in food and water intake must be made before any other changes. Your foods and water must be clean and free of all chemicals (pesticides, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics) and plastics. The minimal clean water consumption must be 1/3 of one’s body weight in fluid ounces per day (e.g. if you weigh 150 pounds drink 50 oz. of water) with the remainder coming from foods.

Food selection based on meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables only is the most beneficial for optimizing the efficiency of the endocrine and immune systems. However, regardless of the foods consumed, one must always monitor caloric intake. Too much food at one time places a strain on the immune, detoxification, and cardiovascular systems.

The one exception is sarcopenia, a condition of muscle-wasting seen in cancer and anorexia. To avoid sarcopenia, we encourage cancer patients to eat all the nutrient dense foods that they can, up to six meals per day without calorie restrictions. Most people seeking advice in our office have allergies and intolerance to most commercial foods. For the allergic patient, foods such as dairy products and most grains are suppressive to the immune and endocrine systems and must be avoided. In allergic individuals, dairy products disturb hormonal activity by a variety of mechanisms such as allergies, gut yeast overgrowth, blood acidification, and liver overload. Processed grains such as bread, cereals, pasta and baked goods interfere with optimal endocrine and immune function. (Sprouted grains are acceptable.) These grain flours cause problems with gluten/gliadin allergies, yeast overgrowth, and inhibition of digestive enzymes. High-glycemic index carbohydrates such as sugars, pastas, candies, chocolate, cake, cookies, breads, crackers, soft drinks, alcohol and added sugar in ham, sausage, and deli meats tend to diminish the benefits of hormone treatment by promoting yeast overgrowth and reducing the secretion of cortisol, growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA, androstenedione and estradiol.

Rotating/eliminating foods

Eating the same foods day after day creates undesirable immune responses for many people. Often, this repetitive food selection leads to food intolerance, obesity, sugar malabsorption and insulin resistance. To eliminate/reduce these unhealthy responses, a four-day rotation of foods is implemented to control antibody production (immune system response) to antigens, i.e. proteins from foods. This control assures a decrease in gastrointestinal inflammation and an increase in healing. Fresh, organic foods are the best choice ALWAYS. A raw, organic, vegan diet is considered the ultimate diet by some experts.

Supplements and water

American foods have inadequate vitamin/mineral content, especially processed and/or microwave foods. It is necessary to be on a pharmaceutical grade vitamin/mineral supplement regimen. Supplementation should also include essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes. Also, special digestive enzymes can be taken between meals to remove inappropriate proteins in the blood and increase the fluidity of the blood. Dehydration, which is crucial in health and contributes to disease, is very prevalent in our society. Processed foods are depleted of water, requiring one to consume at least 33% of his/her body weight in fluid ounces per day of filtered or spring water. NOTE: once you are thirsty, you are already in the state of dehydration.

Calorie consumption

For years, research has shown that calorie restriction is a key factor in health and longevity. Minerals are the spark plugs of metabolism; without minerals all biochemical reactions will come to a standstill. Because minerals are the most important component to alert the brain it has had enough to eat, the brain will signal for more food until mineral requirements are met. The mineral content in foods is what makes food tasty and “sweet.” The brain is confused when commercially prepared food products contain added sugar. Food of this type usually has a lot of empty calories and is devoid of minerals. The brain will continue to signal hunger for mineral-containing foods in an attempt to meet its need for minerals. The typical American diet can not meet daily mineral requirements and, therefore, we pack in the extra calories. This is disastrous to the body on many levels and is a primary cause of obesity. Obesity leads to diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation, chronic pain, etc. Thus, we must always strive to harmonize our food intake to maximize minerals and minimize calories.

Food consumption & elimination

There is a best way and a not so good way to consume food. Because food requires proper stomach pH for digestion, fluids such as water, soft drinks and alcohol are not to be consumed at meal time. One should drink all the water and fluids (not alcohol; ionized water with an alkaline pH and a negative ORP is best) he/she desires 30 minutes before meals and two hours after meals. (6 ounces of red wine with major meals is acceptable because of its ability to aid digestion.) Any fluids with your meals dilute digestive enzymes’ activity which affects digestion and assimilation of the consumed food. The immune system will also be helped with this practice. Food intolerance, undesirable bacterial and fungal overgrowth, and GI disturbances will be minimized or eliminated. Elimination is also critical. One should have at least one bowel movement per day that is the consistency of a ripe banana. Constipation leads to many chronic and undesirable health problems because of reabsorbed toxins and hormones. Dehydration and low fiber intake are to be considered first as causes of constipation.

The pH cycle

Because our organs create and eliminate in a circadian rhythm, they are sensitive to the pH residue of ingested foods. Eating time of specific foods becomes very significant in the diseased and obese individuals. The following guideline should be observed by all individuals seeking vibrant health: the acid cycle is from 3AM until 3PM; the alkaline cycle is from 3PM until 3 AM. To be compliant, one should eat “acid-residue foods” from breakfast until 3PM and eat “alkaline-residue foods” from 3PM until bedtime. An easy way to delineate “acid” from “alkaline” is: any animal or animal by-product produces acid (If it walks, flies, or swims it’s ACIDIC.) If it’s pure plant-based, it produces alkali (If it grows in the ground, it”s ALKALIZING.) Please note that some pure vegetables and their by products are moderately acidic. One of the easiest ways to aid one’s health is to consume ionized water with an alkaline pH and a negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). What most Americans eat is disastrous. Our eating habits keep us on the “acid cycle” 24 hours a day. A continuous acidic pH promotes inflammation, chronic infections, hormonal imbalance, and degenerative diseases. Obesity, premature aging, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cellulite, hair loss and skin wrinkles are some of the most common expressions of the constant “acid cycle”.

Nutrition Food


Our body is a complex machine. The “pistons of the engine” are the hormones. For the body to function optimally, a dynamic balance or harmony with all hormones must exist. This symphony will become discordant if one hormone is over reactive (too abundant) or under reactive (too low). The targeted organ will not perform properly and will interfere with the correct interaction of other hormones. A never-ending cycle of imbalances will follow. Thus, it is necessary to balance or harmonize all hormones to realize the goal of vibrant health. The thyroid gland and the adrenal glands deserve special mention, however. One should consider correcting cortisol excess and deficiency as well as thyroid excess and deficiency prior to attempting any other hormonal treatment. Once the adrenals and thyroid are humming, it makes all other hormonal replacement considerably more effective. Most of the time, correcting the thyroid and adrenals corrects most hormonal imbalances without further intervention.


To be vibrant, one must have Energy! Energy is produced by the tiny little factories in our cells called mitochondria. The more mitochondria the cell has the more energy it can produce. The best way to stimulate an increase in mitochondria is by a very specific exercise called “the slow burn fitness revolution.” This form of exercise requires time-sensitive instruction, only 30 minutes a week. (Our office can provide these instructions.) Another critical component for energy production is oxygen! There is a specific exercise known as EWOT – exercise with oxygen therapy. This is a wonderfully easy, home-based exercise that will change your life! Within six weeks you will feel much improved. Once you combine “the slow burn fitness revolution” with “EWOT” you will gain years in your life, youthfulness to your body, extra productivity in your work, and happiness in your soul! You will become fit and have energy!


For chronic resistant infections we provide a variety of Oxidative Medicine programs and special IV treatments, to meet the demands of resistant infection.


Since the industrial revolution, we have lived in a toxic world. The 20th century will be known as the century of the “civilization disease” due to the body burden from these man-made toxins. Toxins prevent optimal function of all enzyme systems, hormones, and anti-oxidant systems. Now, it is necessary to maintain a life long detoxification program to avoid or prevent dreaded diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc. Our office has more than 25 years of experience in addressing this complex problem.