• “You were all special to me in some way. Thank you for all your kindness and care during my 2 weeks!” -Patient Testimonial

    “Your team is so amazing! Thank you for including us in the ICAM conference and feeding us lunch. We felt honored to be there and meet all the other doctors and patients. Your clinic is wonderful and felt like home to us. There are so many people to help and so few doctors who want to do it the healthy way. May God bless you beyond measure.” -Fellow Clinician

    “Tremendously grateful for what this practice has done for me personally as well as my family and friends. I also love knowing that they are helping patients across the country as I’ve met numerous patients in the waiting room who fly in for treatment from across the U.S. You will not find another facility this proactive or scientifically advanced anywhere in the U.S. Dr. Kotsanis is known around the world by other practitioners and I am grateful that he is in Texas!” – J. Davis

    “I am totally satisfied with Dr. K and his wonderful staff. The time Dr K took with me and my wife was not like other doctors I have been to. He treated me like a family member. His knowledge of treatments are amazing. He is treating my cancer with the best of care and every time I visit the institute, I leave feeling that they care so much for my wellness. I strongly support this Institute and reccomend this type of program and treatment. I feel better now than I have felt in many months. Thank you Dr. Kotsanis and your wonderful and caring staff for all you continue to do for me. God bless you all.” -A. Fulton

    “I have been going to Dr.Kotsanis and his staff for almost two years when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Dr.K really knows his stuff and the staff are amazing. I feel like I’m going to see family everytime I go. It does not feel like a cold doctors office where you are just another number. They care about your whole well being physical, spiritual and mental. I am so blessed to live close enough to be treated by this amazing team. I am going 6 months clean of cancer! I recommend Dr.K to everyone. I don’t know what I would have done with out the Kotsanis Institute! They were a God send! Thank you Dr.K and team!! You are super!” -Transformation Oily (Google Review)

    “I have twice visited he facility and they have always been warm and welcoming. I have a strange case that requires absolute attention and rare medicines. I have found the medical staff to be very aware and educated. A lot of time has been given me to be sure my needs are being met. The facility is immaculate and cleanliness and professionalism is obvious in everything they do.” -J. Bacile

    “My brother, who is a Stage 4 cancer patient, and I visited the Kotsanis Institute to receive a cutting edge treatment. Dr. Kotsanis and his staff are not only friendly, but kind and accommodating. The rooms are especially comfortable with large recliners ( more than one) in the rooms. They offer you water, various teas and even a snack if you want one. It has a family feeling atmosphere, in fact, most everyone who works there has been there a long time. Such a great place, and they offer so many amazing treatments depending on your need. Would most definitely recommend them. Can’t find a nicer group of people.” – V. Cowan

  • “I want to thank you for your time on the phone the other day. While we have never wavered from the plan you have set us on, we are very appreciative of the listening ear and kind hearts you share with us. As you know, seeing your child ‘damaged’ is very hard, and the reassurance you share keeps us strong.” – Family Patient

    “Please know how much I appreciate all that you do for these children. Thank you for the care taken and all help given to my family from testing to diagnosis.” – Mom of 2 boys on Autism Spectrum

    “The institute’s employees are a well-hired, well trained group of simply very kind folks! Support staff provided assistance beyond typical medical care in securing necessary supplies for my personal use at a greatly reduced price. The attentiveness of the staff, combined with their knowledge and experience, made me feel confident in the treatments. This is a considerable achievement as I am prone to question EVERYONE about EVERYTHING, including the doctor, who accepted my questions with grace and answered directly yet with sensitivity. Dr. Kotsanis epitomizes the “art and science” of healing, demonstrating an intuitive sense of medical direction based on experience and profound knowledge of various healing disciplines. He has carefully chosen staffs who share his vision for healing and wellness.” -Private Patient

    “It has been one week since Owen’s second round of LDA shots. Just as we had seen with his first round – his attentiveness and desire to interact with us is without a doubt noticeable. Its as if he received a shot of health and happiness! We are very impressed and pleased with the results so far.” – Mom of 5 yr old on Autism Spectrum

    “After blood work and other tests, Dr Kotsanis diagnosed that I had fungus and mold in my body. This was acquired through cleaning out dirty sheds and old house. I have had a series of IV’s to clean my blood, along with prescribed supplements. I have gone from extremely low energy to regaining normalcy!” – 5 Star Google Review

    “Kotsanis truly is a family oriented practice. They took amazing care of me! I truly appreciate how they look at the whole picture, unlike most medical practices where they just want to put a bandaid on what’s obvious.” – 5 Star Goole Review

    “The Kotsanis Institute is an all-inclusive place of healing. I’m grateful for the personalized care I’ve been given by their knowledgeable staff.” – W. Jones

    “I have been a patient (ovarian cancer) here for several months now. I have always been treated very well by Dr. Kotsanis and all staff members. When I meet with Dr. Kotsanis, he is very welcoming to any family members that are with me and even encourages them to be present so they know what is going on. I have also witnessed how they treat other patients and it’s all the same – with kindness, caring, and respect, They seem to truly care about their patients and want the best possible outcomes for them. Sometimes they are very busy and it is difficult to keep up with the demands of the patients, but from all I have witnessed, they work very hard to do so. I would recommend this clinic to anyone seeking better health and wellness.” – C. Lou

    “Had a great experience with prolozone for knee and shoulder sports injury. Eliminated the need for surgery. He really knows how to help you heal usually without drugs and surgery. Great way to reduce downtime and pain.” – S.Lawrence