The Actouarios Protocol

This therapy is a 30-day program involving water fasting, juicing, herbs, and healthy fruits and vegetables.   The Actouarios Therapy allows the body to concentrate on removing free radicals; cleanse the toxic load in our body; enhance an adequate consumption of every micronutrient with a mostly plant-based diet, increasing their bioavailability to the organs; optimize the function of vital organs such as the digestive tract, liver, and kidneys; and most of all to invigorate your body.

Meet our Scientific Researchers / Advisers


Researcher Nakos Kotsanis

Nakos Kotsanis has been engaged in cancer research since 1986.  He received his Master’s Degree in Environmental Aquatic Oncology and Fish Carcinogenicity/Tumor Pathology at Trent University Ont. Canada and his Doctorate Degree in Metal Carcinogenicity/Ecotoxicology and Fish Carcinogenicity/Tumor Pathology at the University of Patras Greece.  After almost 26 years of cancer research what he discovered was that “Cancer unfortunately transcends taxonomic barriers pointing to us that, whether being a mammal, a fish, a bird, a human being or whatever God’s creation, carcinogenesis follows the same initiating biochemical pathways proving our promiscuous toxic behavior against life. Most importantly the laws governing cancer induction are not selective to race, sex, beliefs, nation, social status and especially our lifestyle, proving that an integrative cancer therapy hinders common therapeutic approaches.”

Since 2002 Nakos has devoted himself to integrative medical science; particularly during his Post Doctorate research on vitamin C and herbs revealed to him their therapeutic action.  As a result, ancient medical wisdom transformed his scientific beliefs into those of an integrative medicine advocate.

Both Antonio and Nakos have desired for years to take the Actouarios Protocol and incorporate it into a medical cancer treatise.  By founding the Actouarios Society with Dr. Constantine Kotsanis and promoting a widespread release of the Actouarios Protocol, their dream of bringing hope to every cancer patient is one step closer to becoming a reality.