Food For Thought: The Free Food Cookbook

Food For Thought: The Free Food Cookbook

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Food for Thought is for individuals and families who choose to address their food challenges, focus on optimum health, and are concerned about what they eat and how they feel. A veritable treasure of practical information, this “Free Food Cookbook” provides over two hundred scrumptious, happy-kid-friendly and adult-appealing recipes that are wiser, nature-based, and designed to enhance the “Immune System Troops.”

Showing you how to cook clear of allergies, autism, cancer, nutritional impurities, and auto-immunity, it supplies all the practical and actionable information you will need. It discusses Nature’s Food Pyramid, offers a “Free-Pantry Shopper List,” includes websites and shopping resources, details the food additives to avoid, and lists the vitamins that are essential for optimum health. Why should we eat organic foods? Which water is best? What are the safest utensils?

Constantine Kotsanis, MD, MD(H), CCN, Beverly D. Kotsanis, BS, and Kendra Jean Finestead, M.O.M. address every piece of the puzzle to help you reduce the toxins in your diet and rejuvenate your body’s natural ability to heal itself. If you have a dietary challenge, this book will prove to be a very unique and special gift.

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