Nutritional Assessment

Subtle Diet Changes Can Make A Profound Impact On The Way You Feel

Nutrition Food

Dr. Kotsanis has stressed in his Symphony of Health that the cornerstone of any health program is adequate and proper nutrition. Supplementation is a must for persons seeking optimal health. Nutrition plays a major role in your health, your energy levels, wellness and anti-aging process. Nutritional Assessments are encouraged on a regular basis, regardless of age, to ensure that your body is getting the necessary fuel needed.

A nutritional assessment with our certified nutritionist will assess your current health, eating habits, sleeping habits, lifestyle, stress, etc. and design a program to assist with your overall nutritional needs. This highly individualized plan is designed to naturally fight fatigue, increase energy levels and improve your overall health through nutrition and supplements.

Diane DeMore, BS, CCN

Diane DeMore is a Holistic Nutritionist, with over 25 years of experience in the alternative health field.

Diane received a BS in Holistic Nutrition, through Clayton College of Natural Health in 2006. She also holds a Certified Nutritionist degree, through NINES, and Certified Nutritional Consultant through the Nutrition Institute, Kansas City, MO. Diane holds certifications in kinesiology and microbiology, and a homeopathic doctorate for animals. She is married, and her husband is a rancher and commercial hay farmer, and they have a small farm, with 4 horses (3 are rescues), 2 mini donkeys, 2 family cows, 3 sheep and 2 dogs, so she enjoys animal homeopathy with all of them. Diane has extensive knowledge of nutritional supplementation, and has worked in retail healthfood stores, and other clinics. She is a good go-to person for vitamin questions.