Nutritional Assessment

Subtle Diet Changes Can Make A Profound Impact On The Way You Feel

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Dr. Kotsanis has stressed in his Symphony of Health that the cornerstone of any health program is adequate and proper nutrition. Supplementation is a must for persons seeking optimal health. Nutrition plays a major role in your health, your energy levels, wellness and anti-aging process. Nutritional Assessments are encouraged on a regular basis, regardless of age, to ensure that your body is getting the necessary fuel needed.

A nutritional assessment with our certified nutritionist will assess your current health, eating habits, sleeping habits, lifestyle, stress, etc. and design a program to assist with your overall nutritional needs. This highly individualized plan is designed to naturally fight fatigue, increase energy levels and improve your overall health through nutrition and supplements.


Jennifer works from the inside out to help restore gut integrity, strengthen immune function and reduce overall inflammation. Years of her own personal health struggles led her to a new way of healing when conventional medicine and mainstream nutrition wasn’t working. Armed with her passion for food and sound science, an emerging holistic mind, and a desperate desire to recover herself, she traded in prescriptions for produce as her focus shifted to the power of food and its ability to heal.

Jennifer seeks to provide this same individualized nutrition care for every patient at Kotsanis Institute. In addition, she utilizes the Mediator Release Test to identify patients’ specific food and chemical sensitivities. As a Certified LEAP Therapist, she works with patients’ MRT results to create a truly individualized anti-inflammatory diet. The interventions that follow can bring life-changing relief for those suffering from migraines, IBS, cancer, Lyme and other inflammatory or auto-immune conditions.