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Integrative oncology is an evolving evidence-based specialty that uses complementary therapies in concert with medical treatment to enhance its efficacy, improve symptom control, alleviate patient distress and reduce suffering. In North America the evolution of research into complementary therapies was delayed by the narrow focus of the Flexner Report. A government-funded research agenda and incorporation of complementary therapies into medical school curricula have been driven by early evidence of efficacy and patient demand. Integrative oncology focuses on the role of natural health products (botanicals, vitamins, and minerals), nutrition, acupuncture, meditation and other mind-body approaches, music therapy, touch therapies, fitness therapies, and more. Some natural health products, such as herbs and their constituent phytochemicals, may be biologic response modifiers that could increase cancer control.

Current research stretches from the laboratory to health services. Institutions are exploring the effectiveness gap in their clinical services and are determining efficacy of complementary therapies through randomized controlled trials. Eventually, the goal is to establish practice guidelines through determining relative effectiveness and value through cost-utility studies. The aim of integrative oncology should be one medicine, not alternative; it should be patient-focused; it should be evidence-based; and it should provide the best care for cancer cure, prevention, symptom control, and quality of life. Read More > See PDF…

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Symphony of Health:
Although the 20th century will be known as the century of great technological advancement, it will also be known as the century of “civilization disease” The onset of this disease, arriving with the advent of the industrial revolution, coincides with an end to many deadly diseases, an improvement in quality of life and an extended life expectancy to almost triple the norm. All this in less than 150 years!…Click Here to Read This Article in Full

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BOOK:  The Kinder, Gentler Cancer Treatment:  Insulin Potentiation Targeted LowDose Therapy by Constantine Kotsanis, Steven Ayre, Hendrieka Fitzpatrick, Thomas Lodi, Frank Shallenberger.  Click Here to Purchase From Amazon

Clinical Trial of IPTLD
Published Dec, 2003 Eduardo Lasalvia-Prisca and his team have been researching on IPTLD. Read the 2004 peer reviewed publication of the clinical trial.

Cellular Cancer Therapy through Modification of Blood Physico-Chemical Constants (Donation Therapy),
Donato Perez Garcia, M.D. (Donato 1) and Donato Perez Garcia y Bellon, M.D. (Donato 2) © 1978 (Translation by Mike Dillinger.)

You Can Fight for Your Life: Emotional Factors in the Treatment of Cancer 
By Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D. This work argues that the reason why clinical science has not solved the riddle of cancer may be that cancer might not lie totally within the realm of the laboratory. This work argues that the treatment of cancer may lie more in the mind and the emotions than in the body. It offers new evidence and insights into why some individuals get cancer ….

DVD – Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer for People with Cancer –
Ken Curtis explores coping with advanced cancer from personal experience based on the inspiration of the 23rd Psalm.

The effect of insulin on chemotherapeutic drug sensitivity in human esophageal and lung cancer cells –
Department of Oncology, General Hospital of People’s Liberation Army Beijing 100853, China

Pretreatment with insulin enhances anticancer functions of 5-fluorouracil in human esophageal and colonic cancer cells –
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200031, China.

Life Ionizer for Better Health

When life began, streams of water flowing over rocky surfaces caused an interaction of life forces now known as ionization. LIFE Ionizers recreates this scientific ionization phenomenon to form nature’s perfect water.
Best Answer for Cancer Foundation
Targeted LowDose Chemotherapy* is a kinder, gentler way of using FDA approved chemotherapy drugs to fight cancer. While searching for a way to selectively deliver drugs to cancer cells only,doctors discovered this treatment.
Cleaning for a Reason
Non-profit web site that offers free housecleaning to chemotherapy patients