Cancer After Care

What is Cancer After Care?

Cancer After Care

After Care is a wellness-based program based on emerging technologies. The program is constantly being reviewed for inclusion of the latest scientific developments. Being a part of this after care program helps you stay healthy and get healthier even after cancer. Your enjoyment of life is our wish for you.

Often times, when a patient has completed a treatment phase and cancer is successfully in remission, they fail to take measures to keep cancer from returning. Even if a cancer is not in total remission but is contained, this “after” part of cancer care is critical to maximizing your comfort, health and enjoyment of life.

  1. To battle and overcome the many side effects and long term miseries of chemotherapy and radiation.
  2. Improve overall quality of life for the cancer patient.
  3. Review completely and thoroughly your entire medical records, labs imaging, and treatments.
  4. Conduct a thorough examination and interview.
  5. Discuss treatment plan with friends and family.
  6. Test for vitamin, minerals, amino acids, and other deficiencies.
  7. Design a program specifically for your particular chemotherapy and/or radiation.
  8. IV and oral supplementation designed for you and your specific deficiency complaint.
  9. Timely follow-up and evaluation by physical and laboratory testing for progress.

What is included in After Care?

Cancer patients must be careful to eat the right foods, drink clean alkaline water, check their alkalinity daily, minimize stress and regularly see the doctor to check objective measures in laboratory testing and imaging. As with the initial part of a patient”s treatment, this after care program is also custom designed for you in collaboration with Dr. Kotsanis based on your unique situation. How often you are seen depends on whether you are in complete remission or have controlled the tumor growth, how aggressive the cancer type was, and other personal factors.

How do I navigate After Care?

Our care manager model is deliberately intended to help our patients keep track of what comes next. You will have continuous support as your care manager will call you on a regular basis and check to see that you are making positive progress.

If I am in remission but was treated elsewhere, can I still be an After Care patient?

Yes, absolutely. We also accept After Care patients that have been treated elsewhere in the US or abroad. Some patients choose to be treated out of the US and find it more convenient and cost-effective to have us follow them after their initial treatments are finished. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have designated Dr. Kotsanis as one of their treatment after care physicians.

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