Cancer Treatment

Need help financing your cancer care?

Call Abacus Viatical and Life Settlements

Designed for cancer patients and other individuals with a life limiting illness

  • Delivers a simple way to immediately access cash from any existing life insurance policy
  • Requires NO credit checks
  • Requires NO interest or loan payments
  • Is secured solely by a life insurance policy – no personal liability

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Do you offer financial assistance or financing?

YES! We Participate in Care Credit (Recommended for treating your child or any non-life-threatening condition)

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So You Have Been Diagnosed with Cancer

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Hearing your doctor say, “You have cancer” is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded sentences one can hear.  Mind, body and spirit may feel frozen in time. Stories of people with cancer flash through your mind-most of them bad.

Cancer is often referred to as a disease where “The cure can be worse than the disease.”  Did you know that 40 percent of chemotherapy patients reported side effects as their biggest concern compared to 32 percent who thought surviving cancer was their biggest concern.(1)

The days and weeks following diagnosis can be a whirlwind of advice from physicians, family and friends. Your first impulse may be to ask “What are my options?” Your second impulse may be to just do what your doctor tells you, following the advice without exploring or considering other options.

Do Your Research & Know Your Options

Choosing your cancer treatment may be one of the most difficult and important decisions you’ll ever make.  This is your life and your choice so investigate, research and learn your options.

The Comprehensive Cancer Care Program At the Kotsanis Institute

We believe that cancer is a disease not only of the body but of the mind and spirit.  We are passionate about caring for our patients and help them achieve optimal health and well being.  Family and social support will contribute to your healing and your proactive positive spirit will help the cancer warrior in you, thrive while surviving. Enjoying a full life with a loving, relaxing, forgiving spirit will support your immune system, good health and well being.

Patients in our Comprehensive Cancer Care program become members of our Kotsanis Institute family. We partner for lifelong healthful living. Together as a family, we fight to help you reclaim your life. Each patient is assigned a Care Manager who partners and this role was created to insure that you receive personal attention and availability, when needed. Dr. Kotsanis will work closely with your medical team of physicians: oncologists, primary physicians or other healthcare providers.

We are not just a treatment clinic.  We are highly experienced, listen to our patients and are committed to delivering superior care and compassion. We will treat, educate, research, and elevate your well being during your journey with cancer, cancer treatment and cancer aftercare.

More on Our Cancer Treatments 


Although conventional oncology serves most of their patients well, there are a group of patients that fail traditional oncology and/or cannot tolerate traditional oncology. We’ve put together a complete report on all the options for treating Cancer. Call (817) 481-6342 to speak to one of our representatives.