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Dr. Kotsanis has stressed in his Symphony of Health that the cornerstone of any health program is adequate and proper nutrition. Supplementation is a must for persons seeking optimal health. Nutrition plays a major role in your health and vitality.

At the Kotsanis Institute, we provide education on various topics and are always cooking up new ways for our patients to improve their lifestyles.

Nutrition Videos Listing
# Recipe Title  Subject Duration
1 Roasted Veggie Jewels Nutrition 5:01
2 How to Make Sweet Potato Chili Nutrition 4:54
3 How to Make Red Cabbage & Green Apple Sesame Salad Nutrition 3:40
4 How to Make a Healthy Energy Bar Nutrition 3:37
5 How to Make a Berry Healthy Smoothie Nutrition 3:29
6 How to Make Chia Seed Pudding Nutrition 3:45
7 How to Make Citrus Honey Green Tea Nutrition 3:18
8 How to Make Healthy Ice Cream Nutrition 15:01
9 How to Make Secure Me Soup Nutrition 3:34
10 How to Make a Boost Me Burger! Nutrition 3:17
11 How to Make Cure Me Coleslaw! Nutrition 4:37
12 How to Make Strawberry Rosemary Icecream Nutrition 3:54
13 How to Make Curbin' Cancer Smoothie Nutrition 3:23
14 How to Make Honeydew love a popsicle! Nutrition 3:22
15 How to Make Watermelon Cream Cake Nutrition 6:16
16 How to Make Smoky Black Bean Soup Nutrition 4:20
17 How to Make Turkey Avocado Roll-Ups Nutrition 3:58
18 How to Make Hippocrates Soup Nutrition 3:44
19 How to Make The Healthiest Asparagus Nutrition 3:24
20 How to Make Cooked Tomato-Sherry Vinaigrette Nutrition 4:36
21 How to Make Cancer Kicking Brownies Nutrition 4:30
22 How to Make Sesame Broccoli Saute Nutrition 3:37
23 How to Make Sauteed Collard Greens Nutrition 3:17
24 How to Make Prosciutto Gruyere Quiche Nutrition 3:29
25 How to Make Green Gesundheit Smoothie Nutrition 2:52
26 How to Make Dark and Tart Granola for Seasonal Allergies Nutrition 3:59
27 How to Make Gib's Sunday Lunch Nutrition 3:33
28 How to Make Mint Zinger Fizz Nutrition 2:30
29 How to Make Cinnamon Spiced Vinaigrette Nutrition 2:57
30 How to Make Salmon and Peas Nutrition 4:51
31 How to Cooking with Honey Nutrition 3:14
32 How to Cook with Mushrooms Nutrition 5:03
33 How to Make Chocolate Pudding! Nutrition 2:58
34 How to Cook with Pears Nutrition 5:13
35 How to Cook with Leeks Nutrition 3:48
36 How to use Leeks in a nutritious dinner Nutrition 1:27
37 How to Cook with Dates Nutrition 3:57
38 Benefits of Dates Nutrition 1:21
39 How to Cook with Brussels Sprouts Nutrition 4:05
40 How to Cook with Beets Nutrition 5:01
41 How to Cook with Beets 1 Nutrition 1:13
42 How to Cook with Cauliflower Nutrition 2:39
43 Benefits of Cauliflower Nutrition 1:40
44 How to Cook with Kale Nutrition 4:07
45 Benefits of Kale Nutrition 0:41
46 Cooking with Cabbage Nutrition 5:14
47 Benefits of Cabbage Nutrition 1:19
48 How to Cook with Pumpkins Nutrition 3:49
49 Cooking with Apples Nutrition 3:33
50 Cooking with Apples 2 Nutrition 2:32
51 The Benefits of Apples Nutrition 1:17
52 Cooking with Sweet Potatoes Nutrition 3:29
53 Healthy food at your local Farmers Market Nutrition 2:36

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