What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Using Your Own (autologous) Stem Cells To Heal

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrated sample of your own blood composed primarily of high levels of platelets. Platelets are a critical component of the wound healing process. Importantly, platelets contain growth factors that are responsible for stimulating tissue generation and repair. The advanced technology that we use delivers a concentration of platelets and growth factors that is roughly 4-6 times greater than that found in whole blood.

Potential benefits of PRP include:

  • Reduced bleeding
  • Diminished pain levels
  • Reduced infection rates
  • Enhanced wound closure
  • Accelerated tissue regeneration
  • Reduction of overall healing times

The use of PRP is a safe, clinically accepted procedure now readily accessible to all segments of the medical profession.

What are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are necessary to initiate tissue repair and regeneration at the wound site. Growth factors derived from platelets are responsible for soft tissue repair, bone regeneration, development of new blood vessels, and stimulation of the wound healing process. The highly concentrated level of growth factors found in our PRP harvesting system may optimize conditions for healing.

How could Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) be used for my treatment?

The use of PRP varies from procedure to procedure. PRP is generally applied topically to the repair site. It is often applied to bone and soft tissue repair sites to accelerate tissue regeneration. Clinical studies have shown that application of PRP can help reduce bleeding, minimize pain, reduce infection rates, and optimize overall healing.

Is PRP safe?

Yes. PRP has been used clinically for over a decade. Leading clinicians routinely use PRP to deliver a cocktail of natural, bioactive growth factors. PRP is derived from a small quantity of your own blood drawn at the time of treatment. Because PRP is made from your own blood, it is insulated against the risk of disease transmission and inflammatory immune response.

How is PRP made?

Preparation of PRP is a simple procedure that can be performed right here in our office. We will draw a small volume of your blood at the time of treatment. The blood is placed in a specialized centrifuge that spins and automatically separates the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma is then further centrifuged to concentrate the autologous platelets and hence your natural growth factors. The PRP is then available for our doctors to use as needed.

Am I a candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

The use of PRP is considered by many to be a “new frontier” of regeneration therapy. Since clinical studies have shown that PRP can be used in many types of procedure for a wide range of patients, you should discuss your specific treatment with one of our doctors.