Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

  • We Listen to Our Patients

    • We listen to their goals
    • We draw a roadmap to help them attain their goals
    • We partner with them to reach their goals 
  • The Human Body Represents the Ultimate Biosphere

    To make any treatment more efficient, we teach patients how to improve nutrition, lifestyle and their environment. It is possible to attain significant health improvement with some powerful changes they can make at home.

The Foundations of the Kotsanis Body Balancing Treatments Focus on Correcting and Healing the Following:

    • Digestive function
    • Balancing hormones
    • Boosting the immune system
    • Improving the body’s ability to detoxify naturally.

Every Patient Is a Unique Individual—Their Treatments are Based on Specialized Testing

At the Kotsanis Institute, we understand that every patient has a unique set of symptoms, conditions, circumstances and needs. After listening to your goals, Dr. Kotsanis will investigate your complete history, do a physical examination, and will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine what your specific needs are. Because each patient is unique this may include genetic testing. After the results of testing are known, he will design a highly customized treatment to help a patient reach their specific goals and elevate their health and wellness.

Our Testing and Treatment Plans are Based on Science and Over 30 Years of Dr Kotsanis’ Personal Clinical Experience

As a medical doctor, Dr. Kotsanis combines traditional medicine, functional medicine and nutrition to optimize health, wellness and the anti-aging process.  All testing and treatment plans at the Kotsanis Institute are based on Dr. Kotsanis’ years of personal clinical experience as a board certified otolaryngologist and otolaryngic allergist, nutritionist, and surgeon combined with the latest scientific information about emerging technologies. He also incorporates evidence-based research from many disciplines and many countries.

Because Dr. Kotsanis is always looking for the latest technologies, he attends numerous conferences and visits clinics in other cities and countries to learn about what other scientists and doctors are doing. He also networks with other thought leaders on the Internet – exchanging research, questions, and answers – to explore specific questions that arise in unusual cases.  He welcomes information from patients on new treatments they may have tried or would like to know more about. It is his passion for practice that keeps him at the forefront of innovation. Once you have become a permanent member of the staff, you may have opportunities to travel to some of these educational meetings.