Cancer Aftercare

Concerning cancer aftercare, there are two schools of thought, traditional medicine and alternative medicine. In traditional medicine, cancer is considered a finite, small anatomical region of the body that has changed its histology and became cancerous. Treating cancer traditionally involves eradication of the abnormal tissue by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Once this cancerous lesion is […] Read more

The Cancer Healing Platform

Annie Brandt is a 15-year survivor of end-stage metastatic breast cancer. Thanks to the Healing Platform, she was able to treat the cancer without doing any conventional surgery, high-dose chemotherapy, or radiation. Instead, she did all natural, non-toxic therapies.  

Changing the Way the World Detects Cancer

AS PRINTED IN THE AUGUST/SEPT. 2015 TOWNSEND LETTER. Changing the Way the World Detects Cancer By Jenny Hrbacek, RN The typical annual physical in the United States might include a mammogram, Pap test, or PSA count. These tests screen for reproductive cancers only. Occasionally, a colonoscopy may be ordered which looks in the large intestine, […] Read more

Cancer Choices: Hold the Mayo!

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer but aren’t sure which path is right for you? Listen and watch as we discuss alternative options for your cancer care from a long-term survivor. Connect with others who are fighting and get your questions answered by compassionate, experienced healthcare advisors.