Do You Have Allergies?

Recent statistics show that 30% of adults, and up to 40% of children in the U.S. suffer from some form of allergy. Allergy symptoms are responsible for more visits to the doctor’s office than any other disease in this country. Texas has been voted to be one of the worst areas to live in the […] Read more

Tips for a Healthier Home

Substitutes can be found for most chemicals used in the home. 1)   Wash all clothing, linens, etc. before wearing. 2)   Use laundry detergents free of scents and dyes; use ¼ cup baking soda in the last rinse cycle for fabric softener; use toilet tissue free of dyes and scents. 3)   Wash all […] Read more

Immune Systems Attacked by Pollutants

Pollution…Toxic Waste Chemicals in the environment…In your home, in your yard. All of these combined can overwhelm your immune system. For some people, these contaminants can trigger reactions. Keep in mind, some individuals are much more sensitive to chemicals than other people. Young children in particular can be more sensitive to toxins than adults. Children, […] Read more