About Choosing Kotsanis

Why Choose Kotsanis

Why Choose Kotsanis Institute, A Dallas Institute of Integrative Medicine?

You will be hard pressed to find a medical practice that is more in tune with medical innovation than the Kotsanis Institute. We are constantly searching the world for new protocols and therapies which might be of benefit to our patients.

Why Choose Kotsanis? Dr. Kotsanis was originally trained as an otolaryngologist – head and neck `surgeon and otolaryngic allergist and still maintains this board certification. He is also certified as a clinical nutritionist. He has practiced in Dallas Ft. Worth, TX since 1983.

Several years into his career he began to see that patients were not responding to treatments that used to work. And he and his family also faced some health challenges. Why was this happening? And what could he do about it?

Why Choose Doctor Kotsanis?

In his quest for answers he came across people in other disciplines such as homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and structural medicine who opened a new world of information and answers.

He was trained in these other disciplines and as time went on he incorporated this new information into treatments for his patients. So the best way to describe what we do at Kotsanis Institute is that we blend the relatively new findings of modern conventional medicine with the age-old, time-tested wisdom of older disciplines to craft unique treatments for each person.

Why Choose Kotsanis Nutrition?

The foundation of every treatment plan always includes nutritional considerations. But we “meet you where you live.” Each patient will have a different nutritional plan.

For example, our autism spectrum patients are usually advised to start a gluten-free, casein-free diet as a first step. Then testing is done and the diet is adjusted to remove allergic foods or go to a select carbohydrate diet or some other variation. But we also have cancer patients who need to gain weight and other patients (such as those that are insulin resistant) who may want to lose weight. Getting the right nutrients in and eliminating the wrong foods can have surprisingly beneficial results.

Why Choose Kotsanis’s uniqueness?

The key members of our staff have been a team for many years. We are not just coworkers. We are family. The other thing that happens over many years of working together is that you begin to read each other’s minds, which helps make us more efficient. And it certainly helps when you amass a great deal of intellectual capital in your staff as they are absorbing a lot of information over many years. We provide continuing education at our weekly staff meetings. In this way our entire staff is exposed to new information constantly and consistently.

The most telling indicator of a practice, though is whether the people that work there partake of what the practice offers and bring family and friends into the fold. We take care of their families because they are our family too. We hope you will decide to “put your toe in the water” and call us. After a conversation with one of our staff, we believe you will want to join the family too.