Adult Treatment FAQs

Your Medical Records from Prior Physicians

Do I need to send my medical records from my previous doctors?

Yes, This will help Care Manager, Lindsay Moore and Dr. Kotsanis best prepare for your first consultation.

  • Please provide current medical records for the prior 12 months.
  • Feel free to call Care Manager, Lindsay Moore should you have questions about your records.

Please have them emailed (, faxed (817-442-4848), or mailed to the attention of Lindsay Moore, Care Manager at our office.

Consultation Appointment

How much time should I plan for the first appointment consultation?

1.5 to 2 Hours

Please plan approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. This is our opportunity to get to know each other and focus upon your health and wellness needs for the long term.

What happens during an initial consultation?

Meet Your Care Manager

You will first be introduced to your Care Manager. She will confirm that all of your records have been received and all paperwork is in order. A picture will be taken with your permission. At that time she will interview you about your family history to prepare you for your consultation with the doctor.

You will then meet Dr. Kotsanis. He will review your history with you and listen to your concerns. He will explain our biomedical approach to health and wellness and answer any of your questions.

Having reviewed recent lab test records that you may have provided, Dr. Kotsanis may suggest additional diagnostic tests. Once you determine which tests you will take, we will schedule you for testing and follow up appointments.

Laboratory Tests

Why do I need these lab tests?

Several Reasons

  • To complete the doctors initial assessment of your condition with the most advanced scientific and factual information available about the condition of your own health.
  • Lab testing is essential before your Treatment Care Plan may be recommended.
  • Your Treatment Care Plan will be designed based on your own body chemistry and test results; Thus ensuring that you and the doctor are best prepared to address your health challenges in the most effective way hoped to be possible, and to promote your continued lifelong wellness

How much will my lab tests cost?

The Cost will vary based on the Doctor’s recommendations

The cost will vary based upon the tests the doctor recommends. Depending on your diagnosis and the urgency of your problem, sometimes testing can be spaced over a period of time. In general lab testing may range from $300 to $1,800 or more. Again, cost is determined by which type of tests are needed and which ones you choose to complete.

When do I complete the lab tests? How do I prepare for them?

Testing: In Home & In Office

Once you decide which lab tests you will take, your Care Manager will explain the how to prepare. There are several ways in which testing is done:

Home Tests: These require you to collect specimens (samples) such as urine, stool or saliva at home.

Fasting Lab Tests In-Office: These require taking blood samples after fasting. (Often called a blood draw.) During your initial visit we will schedule this appointment at a time convenient for you

Note: It is best to schedule your fasting lab test appointment in the early morning. We know you will be hungry! Bring food with you for after your blood draw. Nutritional information and fasting time periods will be explained to you at the time you make your appointment.
Your test results follow-up appointment will be scheduled 4-weeks out, at your convenience

Fees and Policies

What is the fee for the initial consultation?

Your initial consultation fee will range from $250 – $850.00. This variation is based upon each patient’s health issues; the complexity and time needed to best listen to and address our patient’s concerns. Please call our office to determine your initial consultation fee. **Please note that any lab fees are in addition to this initial consultation fee.**

To continually provide you with the very best medical care, and to accommodate all appointment requests, we accept a $150 credit card deposit to hold your appointment time.

**48 Business-Hour Cancellation Policy – Initial Appointment**

Should for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your initial appointment, please provide us with 48 business-hour notice. This courtesy allows us to accommodate our other patients who are on our waiting list.

Should you “no-show” your appointment and do not reschedule within 48 business hours of your appointment time, your deposit will be charged to your credit card. Should you reschedule at a later time, the chargewill be credited to your appointment fee.

Follow-Up Visit

What happens after the initial consultation?

Phone Consultation

May I schedule this follow-up consultation by phone or SKYPE?


When you live out-of state or a long distance away. Whether you consult with the doctor in the office or by phone, charges will apply. Prior to a scheduled appointment conference call, a staff member will contact you to confirm your appointment and take care of the charges.

Monitoring Treatment Plan Progress & On-Going Care

How is my progress monitored?

Individualized Monitoring

Each patient’s Treatment Care Program is highly individualized. Thus, future follow-up consultations will occur as needed to support your health and wellness.

During each visit your next appointment will be scheduled in anticipation of the next checkpoint for progress. There are various phases to treatments. They need to be done in a certain order and during a certain time frame for best results.

Follow-up may include recommendations for:

  • On-going treatment and therapies based upon test results and responses to recommended treatment and therapies.
  • Testing to determine progress.


Other appropriate therapies and/or interventions as they become known through research.

Insurance Financing

Do you take insurance?


Although we provide all of the diagnosis and procedure code documentation required by your insurer. You would then simply submit your receipt and a claim form to your insurance company.

Your carrier should reimburse you for most of what we do if you have out-of-network insurance benefits. We are considered an out-of-network provider. Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

Please make certain you contact your insurance company before committing to our program to determine your level of coverage.

The Kotsanis Institute is designed to treat very complex patients. This requires a staff that is dedicated to our patient Treatment Care Plans, health and wellness. We would be unable to offer the specialized treatments and the highly personalized level of individual care we do if we participated in insurance plans. 

Do you offer financial assistance or financing?


CareCredit a patient financing program is available. CareCredit, a medical credit card, offers promotional programs of 90 day interest-free financing as well as programs that let you extend payments up to 24 months.

Some of our patients use this program as bridge financing to cover the time between filing an insurance claim and receiving reimbursement. If you plan to use this strategy, we recommend that you check with your insurance carrier for out-of-network reimbursement rates and turn-around times for claims. Every insurance plan is different.

Apply online at, or if you need assistance, call CareCredit or our office. It usually takes only several minutes to open an account.

Grant Funding Programs

Do you offer grant funds?

Not at this time

It is our goal to seek out funding programs to make funds available for special needs treatments and research. We are in early stages of locating funding. Please contact our Care Managers to determine if we have secured grant avenues for which you and/or your family may qualify.

Email & How Best to Contact Us

May I contact you via e-mail?


But only routine questions should be submitted online.

Should you have an urgent need or concern, please call our office directly 817-481-6342.
If you need to speak with someone the same day, call the office. Messages will only be checked Monday through Friday, during business hours. Please allow 24 business hours for a response to your message.

Due to the requirements of federal and state laws governing the privacy of patient health care information, your message will not be returned via email if it relates to your diagnosis, lab results and treatment.

In What Does Your Practice Specialize?

What specialization does your practice focus upon?

Integrative Medicine



Adults and Children

Children – Autistic Spectrum

  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • PDD, AD (H), D, PDD-NOS
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Dyslexia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Immune Deficiencies
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Anti-aging Needs
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Developmental Delays
  • Asperger’s Syndrome

Since we specialize in metabolic integrative medicine, we treat adults and children:


How do you handle emergencies?

CALL 911

In the case of a life-threatening emergency call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.  

If you have any questions regarding this information, please call our offices at 817-481-6342.

You are why we are here. Please let us help you on your lifelong journey of health and wellness.

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